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Figma Community Kits

Finely-crafted open source design kits

What’s with the kits?

In 2022, I started releasing free Figma Community resources for download. I’ve so far released a couple relatively successfully kits, mostly focused around design systems. I choose projects to work on based on what I’m feeling most passionate about at the moment, with some plans to release additional kits for data viz UIs, map UIs, and fully-fledged design system starters.

Each kit is created with Figma best practices, and with an eye towards practicality in real-world design applications.

Figma table UI kit

I use these smaller projects as a way to test out the latest & greatest Figma features, as well as continually create digital assets in a way that’s helpful to other designers.

Figma table UI kit Details from a systems documentation kit

Figma table UI kit Details from a table UI kit

To see and download the files yourself, check out my Figma Community profile.

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