In-App Comms

Email is so 1996

⚑ Role

Design Lead

πŸ’₯ Responsibilities

Research, business alignment, experience & UI design

πŸš€ Team

4 Engineers, 1 PM, 2 Biz Stakeholders

01. Setting the stage

Many of Boundless Immigration’s touchpoints with customers happen via email, an unstructured and non-scalable way to operate the business.

Email is used in just about every piece of the sometimes months-long process, which means our customer service reps were dealing with increasingly clogged inboxes. Tedious back & forth communications often take multiple rounds of emailing to resolve. This reliance on email was untenable for long-term growth.

The most email-heavy phase of the Boundless process is the QA Return. After our team does a complete review of an application, they assemble a list of questions and to-do items for the customer to take care of before moving on to the next phase.


Growing inbox backlogs means more tedious work for CS folks and slower response times for customers.

02. The Challenge

Our MVP needed to shift the QA return burden from email into our app, while also laying the foundation for a full in-app comms system.

While this project was specifically about bringing the QA returns process into our web experience, the other major goal was creating a UI pattern that can then be extended to other parts of the process.

We also had the chance to build a new admin UI system from the ground up, again with the goal of making it extensible when more tools are eventually added.

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