2019 - 2021 • Boundless Immigration

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A selection of projects from my time at Boundless

Design at a rapidly scaling startup

During my 2 years at Boundless Immigration, I worked extensively on both customer and internal-facing products, and grew alongside the company as it scaled from 30 employees to 150.

I improved immensely as a designer by leading projects from end to end & engaging with all the parts of the design process, as well as stepping into product strategy, UX writing, and systems work.

Here’s a selection of project snippets from my time there.

Customer Dashboard

I worked alongside another designer through the end-to-end design process to create the first version of a holistic customer dashboard. The dashboard is now the primary means by which Boundless customers experience our service.

In-App Comms Tool

To move away from taxing email-based communications with customers, I led design of an in-app communications tool that was tailored to our operations team. It significantly improved efficiency of customer issue tracking and has been extended to multiple other tools in our system.

Public Charge Risk Estimator

As one of my first projects at Boundless, I created a questionnaire experience to help immigrants understand if they were at risk from the Trump-era ‘Public Charge’ rule. It was nominated for UX Design of the Year award by Geekwire.

Design systems and tooling

When I joined Boundless, they used Sketch and Illustrator for design work. I switched the team to using Figma, and ultimately led the creation & maintenance of design systems for our customer and admin facing products. I worked closely with engineers on establishing a new admin design system which is now being used to create all new admin products.

Task management system

As part of a larger product initiative, I designed a task assignment and discovery system that enabled our teams in Las Vegas and the Philippines to move away from their outdated work distribution models (which were mostly based on Slack messages and Trello boards).

Questionnaire & document work

A key part of our experience is translating verbose immigration forms into easily answerable questions and document requests from customers. I worked on a project to fix the gaps in our system through a mix of research, systems design, and UX writing.

Slide deck templates

As a fun side project, I initiated a project to create slide deck templates for use by anyone at the company.

Sticker swag

As part of an employee gift, I designed a set of 5 Boundless-themed stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers?

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