Here’s some work at the intersection and art and code.

A mix of different projects – video processing, VR, command line stuff...


A warped VR simulation of hellish quotidian.

Players complete a day in the life (wake up, go to work, sleep, repeat), and earn a point each time they finish a day. They have 30 seconds to figure out a simple puzzle to move to the next part of the day, but each time a new cycle begins, their view is more progressively warped. Players report feeling physically sick after a few rounds. How much torture are you willing to endure for the high score


Playing with the syntax of news headlines.

The program scrapes recent articles from different news sources, and combines them into one–spitting the result out into a terminal screen. It was created using Python, with some help from the Newspaper and ASCIImatics APIs. Created during the 2016 presidential election.