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A bit about yours truly.

Lover of interface design, typography, Hawaiian shirts, Radiohead, Belgian beer, IDM, photography, cinematography, thrift stores, typography, illustration, motion design, PF Flyers, creative coding... did I mention typography?

🗽 I'm a product designer at Boundless, helping create products for thousands of immigrants.

As one of three designers, my hands are in all the pots: I lead design from end to end on customer-facing & internal products. Focused on building my intuition and craft every day.

🌲 I graduated from the Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program at the University of Washington.

There, I honed my craft and expanded my understanding of design, its role in creating products for people, and learned alongside some truly talented designers.

✨ I'm working towards becoming a Designer who Codes Sometimes™

Breathing life into static screens is exhilarating. I built this site from scratch using Jekyll, and spend lots of time tinkering on one-off side projects. I'm currently trying to build a new one with P5.JS.

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