I had the privilege of joining Collective Health's Design Systems team, where I helped develop parts of a design system for the iOS and Android consumer apps.

All (design) systems go!


Product Design Intern
& Designer (Contract)


3 months



Collective Health is a San Francisco startup focused on improving the experience of employer-based healthcare. I joined their new Design Language Systems team.

I learned a great deal about the level of detail that goes into a design system–especially one that is being built from the ground up. Here's a few pieces of the system that I worked on, plus some extra goodies. Still adding content here.



Navigation bar refresh

As part of an evolving roll-out of a new design system, I refreshed the mobile navigation bar to be more visually concise and legible. I made some new icons and refined existing ones, drawing inspiration from other apps on the market to see what makes a navbar great. Here's a few of the things I focused on:

Standardize icon silhouettes

I moved towards a standardized square silhouette for the icons.

Simplify & condense

I simultaneously condensed the icons and simplified their details.

Pixel perfection

Where possible, I pixel-fitted icons for maximum screen crispiness.

Externalizing tips

I wrote a brief article about good practices I picked up while working with icons.

4 tips for nailing the details in mobile icon design

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Translating design system elements

I also worked extensively with other design system elements ("primitives"), like typography, color, and spacing to help move the mobile app in a direction that aligned with the broader consumer-facing product suite.



Communicating translation

I standardized primitive styles and also made guides to communicate changes to designers and engineers.

From desktop to mobile icons

I perfected a set of 36 icons to work on mobile screens.

Other explorations

I also had the chance to iterate on a table-editing tool for health insurance claim automation. I'm unable to show or discuss the work in too much detail, but I'll be uploading a small snippet of it soon, along with some other work from my time at Collective Health.